Cardinal Health Hospital Efficiency Forum 2018 European-wide Call for Efficiency Solutions Project Submission Terms and Conditions

Hospitals senior leaders invited by Cardinal Health (“Submitters”) wishing to present their implementable projects on increasing hospital efficiency are welcome to submit a Project according to the following instructions, terms and conditions.

Scope of the projects

Projects that resulted in increased efficiency on the following four key themes:

  • supply chain efficiency
  • data analytics
  • patient engagement
  • patient flow optimization

Projects may be already implemented solutions or concretely in pilot phase. Successful and unsuccessful projects may be submitted. Alternatively, the projects may relate to hospital efficiency challenges.

Projects consisting in pure and specific clinical or scientific project or solely commercial medical device or solution-selling pitches are out of scope and should not be submitted.

Project Content:

The Project should be informative and stand alone in its content and meaning. It should generally include a brief introduction, methods, key results, discussion and conclusion. Short submissions are accepted, as Cardinal Health will follow up with short-listed candidates.

Evaluation criteria:

The Project will be evaluated based on the standard of the content presented and on the following evaluation criteria:

  • Introduction/background: Does the project address a challenge many hospitals in Europe face?
  • Method: Does the project explain practical change management tips and efficiency opportunities?
  • Results: Are there quantifiable outcomes?
  • Discussion: Are there practical recommendations to allow peers to successfully replicate the project’s outcomes?
  • Conclusion: Are the key success factors clearly described?

The number of Projects to be presented is limited.

General format and requirements for Project submissions:

Projects are to be submitted in English only, via the online submission form at, until the 15th of December 2017.

One-pager Project would suffice.

Grants of rights, consents and selection and participation process:

By submitting a Project the Submitter agrees to the terms and conditions as set out below:

  1. In case the Project is selected, the Submitter and all co-authors automatically grant Cardinal Health Switzerland 515 GmbH and its affiliates the rights to publish, reproduce, distribute, display and store the Project in connection with the Cardinal Health Hospital Efficiency Forum (hereinafter, the “Forum”), which may include the authors details and biographies where supplied, worldwide, in all forms (including on the Cardinal Health and the Forum dedicated website), formats and media now known or as developed in the future, including print, electronic and digital forms. The granting of the before-mentioned rights is irrevocable.
  2. The Submitter is responsible for the accuracy of the Project and represents and warrants that:
    1. is the author or a co-author of the Project;
    2. has written or co-written the entirely original work;
    3. the Project and the rights granted on Section 1 above do not infringe any copyright;
    4. If a co-author:
      1. the Submitter has been granted sufficient powers by the co-authors and/or copyright holders to grant the rights described on Section 1 above;
      2. all authors are included on the Project;
      3. the submission has been approved by all authors; and
      4. the Submitter was authorized to present the Project at the Forum, if selected.
  3. The Projects will be preliminarily reviewed by a Revision Committee. The Projects in scope and meeting the requirements will be finally assessed by the Forum Programme Committee.
  4. The selected Projects will be designated to be presented in the different session or presentation formats of the Forum: thematic break-out sessions, country-dedicated break-out sessions and innovation poster presentation sessions. Sessions and presentation formats may be changed by Cardinal Health without prior notice.
  5. Following the Project selection, Cardinal Health will request written authorization from the institutions employing the selected Project presenters (“Project Presenter”) to sponsor their attendance at the Forum. The authorization request will be addressed to institutions only, to the attention of the CEO/GM (or equivalent) and will disclose the purpose and scope of the invitation as well as the intention of Cardinal Health to fund the Project Presenter attendance at the Forum, by directly paying the Forum Meeting Package, which includes travel, ground transportation at destination, 1 night of accommodation, meeting catering and one dinner. For participants selected to present a poster, Cardinal Health will cover the design and printing of the posters according to the Forum standards. A sponsorship agreement will be signed with the institution and/or the Project Presenter, according to the applicable country and/or institution rules. Without prejudice to the foregoing, Project Presenter also authorizes Cardinal Health to disclose, where required, the details of the sponsorship to the relevant professional bodies, industry associations and any other relevant institutions or government authorities. The sponsorship may be subject to additional formalities and limitations.
  6. Only Project Presenters explicitly authorized by their employers and institutions will attend the Forum.
  7. Although having an active participation, Project Presenters will not be considered as Cardinal Health consultants nor will be remunerated for their time to attend and present at the Forum.
  8. Project Presenters must be available to present their Projects in the corresponding session assigned by the Forum Programme Committee. If the Project Presenter is not authorized and registered to attend the Forum, the Project will not be part of the Forum programme. The Project Presenters will immediately notify Cardinal Health if they are unable to attend and present.
  9. If the author(s) have any commercial interest or associations that might pose a conflict of interest regarding their submission, this circumstance must be declared. If accepted for presentation, the commercial interest or association must be declared on the title slide (for oral presentations) or at the bottom of the poster (for poster presentations). All presentations should disclose funding and other acknowledgements where applicable.
  10. The Project Presenters give Cardinal Health permission to film or photograph them during their participation in the Forum, which may be published digitally or on paper in materials and articles related to the Forum, including the Cardinal Health website or social media portals.
  11. Cardinal Health will not cover any costs associated with preparation or presentation of the Project, nor any additional cost associated with attendance at the forum that is not included in the Meeting Package, as described on Section 5 above. Cardinal Health will not facilitate or pay for any costs for Project Presenters’ guests, who will not be in any case admitted to the activities of the Forum.
  12. Cardinal Health Privacy Notice for Submitters and Project Presenters is published at
  13. Project Presenters acknowledge and agree that their projects will help Cardinal Health understand the hospital efficiency needs and solutions and support Cardinal Health to build a holistic efficiency strategy.
  14. The Project Presenter must not discuss or exchange any commercially sensitive information with a competitor or disclose commercially sensitive information of Cardinal Health’s competitors at all times.