The list below indicates confirmed participants selected to present their project as a poster or at a workshop.

Key notes presenters:

  • Hans Martens, Public Health Expert, Denmark
  • Marc Noppen, CEO, University Hospital UZ Brussel, Brussels, Belgium
  • Kamalini Ramdas, London Business School professor and Subject Area Chair, Management Science & Operations, UK

Project presenters:

  • Luis Alburqueque, Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte, EPE Logistics Management Assistant, Portugal
  • Jose Pedro Almeida, Sao Joao Hospital Center Head of Analytics & Data Science Department, Portugal
  • Hans Bax, GPO and Procurement Manager, GDEKK / UMC Groningen, Cologne, Germany
  • Florian Bechtel, Heart- and Vascular surgical Intensive Care Unit Nurse, Germany
  • Carlo Berutti Bergotto, E.O. Ospedali Galliera Information Technology (IT) Director, Italy
  • Gianni Bonelli, Biella Hospital CEO, Italy
  • Olivier Canon, Centre Hospitalier d'Arras Hospital Pharmacist, France
  • Isabella Cevasco, Chief nursing officer, E.O. Ospedali Galliera, Genova, Italy
  • Ornella Cresci, E.O. Ospedali Galliera Information and Communication sector, Italy
  • Patrick Deliessche, Helpevia Business Development Director, France
  • Massimo Del Prete, Azienda Ospedaliera Ospedali Riuniti Marche Nord Logistics Director, Italy
  • Umberto De Peppo Cocco, Chief Operating Officer, Fondazione Poliambulanza - Istituto Ospedaliero, Brescia, Italy
  • Massimo Di Gennaro, Soresa - Campania purchasing entity staff to CEO for innovation, Italy
  • Daniela Donetti, Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale Viterbo CEO, Italy
  • Antonio Draisci, Azienda Ospedaliera Ospedali Riuniti Marche Nord Chief Financial Officer, Italy
  • Raffaele Esposito, Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli, Logistics Director, Italy
  • Silvio Faco, CEO of AO Mauriziano, Torino, Italy
  • Mrs Maissa Fakhfakh, Vivisol Marketing Department, Italy
  • Jean-Yves Gerbet, Dijon CHU Head of Patient Transport & logistics Department, France
  • Didier Guidoni, CHU Dijon General Manager, France
  • Jochen Heumos, Head of strategic procurement, Kardiologisch Angiologische Praxis Herzzentrum Bremen, Germany
  • Simona Iaropoli, Mauriziano Hospital Head of Lean Management projects, Italy
  • Michael Kazianschütz, LKH-Univ.Klinikum Graz Head of the Logistics Department, Austria
  • Stefan Krojer, Johanniter Competence Center GmbH Head of strategic procurement, Germany
  • Pierre Lebon, GIP Resah Director, France
  • Michela Liberti, Cittadinanzattiva Onlus Project Manager, Italy
  • Nuno Loureiro, Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte, EPE Logistic Director, Portugal
  • Daniela Maia, Centro Hospitalar de Vila Nova de Gaia Head of Supply and Logistics, Portugal
  • Marta Matera, Casa di Cura Ulivella e Glicini Financial Controller, Italy
  • Martin Merkel, Ediacon Group Purchasing Manager, Germany
  • Stefano Michelagnoli, Azienda Sanitaria di Firenze Surgery Director, Italy
  • Lorenzo Miraglia, Casa di Cura Ulivella e Glicini Owner, Italy
  • Francesca Moccia, Cittadinanzattiva Onlus Vice Secretary, Italy
  • Matteo Lora Moretto, Vivisol Marketing Director, Italy
  • Carles Muñoz, ICO Director de Tecnologias y Sistemas de Informacion, Spain
  • Alberto Pilotto, Director of Department of Geriatric care, E.O. Ospedali Galliera, Genova, Italy
  • Giovanni Poggialini, Biella Hospital Project Manager, Italy
  • Davide Pongetti, Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli ICT Project Manager, Italy
  • Gianluca Postiglione, Soresa - Campania purchasing entity CEO, Italy
  • Louis Potel, GIP Resah Project Manager - International Affairs & Public procurement of innovation advisor, France
  • Franceso Profiti, Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale Viterbo Chief Information Officer, Italy
  • Luka Raffl, Azienda sanitaria dell' Alto Adige - Südtiroler Sanitätsbetrieb Chief Corporate Communication, Italy
  • Sylvie Rousselot, Hopital Privé du Confluent Director of Care, France
  • Thomas Schael, Azienda sanitaria dell' Alto Adige - Südtiroler Sanitätsbetrieb CEO, Italy
  • Eric Tabouelle, Helpevia CEO, France
  • Sébastien Taupiac, UGAP Health Director, France
  • Diana Teixeira, C.H.V. de Gaia/ Espinho, EPE Logistics Manager PNF, Portugal
  • Nicola Troisi, Ospedale San Giovanni Di Dio, Firenze Vascular Surgeon, Italy
  • Olivier Tschudi, CNM Cargo Network Management GmbH CEO, Switzerland
  • Gulia Valinotti, Citta della Salute Pharmacist, Italy
  • Jana Wolf Sussman, Aalen University Prof. Dr., Germany

The Hospital Efficiency Forum is organized by Cardinal Health in partnership with:

The purpose of UEHP is to defend and represent the independent hospitals in Europe, to help generating the political and economic conditions, aiming to improve the independent initiative in the health field. Moreover, UEHP studies and creates better conditions for the smooth management of independent hospitals. The priority of UEHP is to promote high quality healthcare focused on the patient.

The Aiop, Italian Association of Private Hospitals represents 500 nursing homes operating throughout the country with over 53 000 beds, of which 45 000 accredited with the National Health Service, 26 rehabilitation centers with 2 000 beds of which 1 800 accredited and 41 RSA with 2 800 beds all accredited.